Top 10 Sequels Of Bollywood Movies

A lot of movie sequels have released in India in the recent past years, some perform way better than the previous while some hardly manage to stay long at the box office. Nowadays, every actor [...]
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Rand De Basanti - Grand Tourio

10 Bollywood Movies With A Social Message In It

Movies are the best way to reach a large set of audience and bring awareness. Movies are most of the time made to target the mass audience for commercial purposes. But, in between these there [...]
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Top 10 Bollywood Thriller Movies

Who doesn’t love a Thriller movie? A thriller movie has everything in it. It is a rollercoaster of feelings. It always raises questions in your mind, whether this is true or is it something else, [...]
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Golmaal 4 - Grand Tourio

Top 10 Bollywood Comedy Movies

If someone asks which is your favorite Bollywood comedy movie, then which movie comes first in your mind? There are so many movies, right? But for some movies, we still remember their dialogues, songs, punch [...]
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Bollywood Movies 2018 - Grand Tourio

Bollywood Movies In 2018

Bollywood movies - Best medium of entertainment for fans in India. Every fan wishes to watch at least one movie every weekend to get relief from his/her stressful and daily hectic life. Bollywood has gained [...]
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