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Grand Tourio was established in 2013 with the aim to make it easy for travelers to find their perfect holiday destinations. We offer a wide range of unique holidays to our members. Grand Tourio is one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies, with a presence in all leading countries. At Grand Tourio we ensure that you always travel with a happy face and keep smiling all throughout the tour because we take of all your problems related to the tour sincerely. Whether it is a holiday tour in India or an International vacation, we guarantee you a quality experience. We make holidays enriching, mesmerizing and outright fun thing you can do.

Grand Tourio Facts and Figures


More than 6000 tickets booked with "Grand Tourio" till now.....
salman - Grand Tourio
Most numbers of tickets booked are for Salman Khan movies- 900+.....

movie ticket - Grand Tourio
The highest number of tickets are booked in December every year 800+.....

parmanu - Grand Tourio
Number of Tickets booked for Parmanu - 400+.....


gold - Grand Tourio
Still Demanding Movie, booked tickets till date 400+.....


Number of Tickets booked for Sanju - 400+


Number of Tickets booked for Andhadhun - 200+


Number of Tickets booked for Avengers: Infinity War - 200+


Number of Tickets booked for Badhaai Ho - 300+


2.0 - GrandTourio
Number of Tickets booked for 2.0 - 500+



Simmba - Grand Tourio
Number of Tickets booked for Simmba - 400+


Thugs Of Hindostan - Grand Tourio Movies
Number of Tickets booked for Thugs Of Hindostan- 300+



URI - Grand Tourio
Number of Tickets booked for Uri - 300+


Number of Tickets booked for Manikarnika- 200+



Number of Tickets booked for Thackeray - 200+


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Grand Tourio - Testimonials

Shweta Tiwari

We became members of Grand Tourio in 2015 and since then we don't feel like leaving them. They always hook us up with any movie we wish to watch.

Shweta Tiwari Marketing Executive


For non-members as well as members who wish to watch one more movie, we have a treat for you!

All you have to do is to participate in our fun contest

Grand Tourio Ticket / Restaurant Booking

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Grand Tourio FAQ for Movie Ticket Booking

You should book the tickets before 3 working days.

Members can book Movie tickets once in a month.

Movie ticket booking can be done for only 2 people.

Once you fill the form and you get the confirmation of your movie tickets, the tickets cannot be canceled or changed to any other day.

Yes, you can choose any movie theatre you want.

No, members will have to pay for their parking charges.

Grand Tourio FAQ for Restaurant Booking

You should submit to us your choice of restaurant 8-10 working days prior.

Members can book the restaurant buffet lunch/dinner only once in a year.

It is only for 2 people. No extra person or guest is allowed.

Once you fill the form and you get the confirmation of your booked table, it cannot be canceled or changed to any other day.

Although we have 20 premium partnered restaurants with us, if you have any other choice, you fill the form with your preferred choice and we will try our level best to get a table booked for you there.

No, members will have to pay for their parking charges. Unless there is Valet parking provided by the restaurant itself.

Grand Tourio - Ticket / Restaurant Booking Philosophy

Grand Tourio has only one motto – “Explore and experience the world so that you live to tell stories”

As Grand Tourio bring happiness to our members with our Best-in-class domestic as well as international tours, we help them create so many memories. Our customer’s satisfaction is our satisfaction. Grand Tourio has one belief – We get happy only if our members are happy.

We try our level best to make every members’ trip magnificent and majestic so that they get a regal experience like nowhere else.

Going on a tour once a year is not an issue, but still, as people work hard in their lives, it becomes difficult for them to get the time out of their busy lives and go on a week-long trip. And so we think that a 3-hour outing with your families for an action-packed movie can also serve our purpose of entertaining and bringing joys in your life. Movies are a great source of entertainment in a person’s life and there are some movie buffs out there who cannot live without watching a movie at least once a week. We know that feeling too and that is the reason why we understand what our members want and we work hard to make it come true. Movies bring out the hero in you, that emotional side of you, that funny sense of humor within you and that anger in you. Movies help a family come together. In a city like Mumbai where families hardly talk to each other, all thanks to a fast-moving life, movies bring them together.

Therefore, Grand Tourio gives couple movie tickets once a month wherein, members of Grand Tourio can choose their favourite movie and the time which is convenient for them and also the theatre suitable for them.

Wait, that’s not it!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”

Yes, you guessed it right.

Grand Tourio also takes members to any of our premium 20 partnered restaurants for a buffet dinner, once in their membership period. If the restaurant is not of our member’s choice, then we take them to a restaurant of their choice.

Grand Tourio truly believes in having a healthy relationship with our members as they are not just a member of Grand Tourio but also fellow companions in our journey to happiness.

The forms have the all the important questions that you need to answer so that we can seamlessly get to know the preferences of your movie choice and timing and also the restaurant booking form that will help us book a table for you according to your preference.

Once you fill the form, Grand Tourio will contact you and confirm the details filled by you and then accordingly finalize the movie tickets OR the restaurant of your choice.

As of now, Grand Tourio has booked more than 6000 movie tickets for our members and it is always a joy to book movie tickets for our Grand Tourio members because the enthusiasm and the happiness of the family going together for a movie is a very beautiful moment to cherish. We at Grand Tourio always believe in sharing and also be a part of these moments in the lives of our members.

Grand Tourio has very astonishing figures regarding movie booking as you can see most tickets booked are the films of Salman Khan, as you know the fan following of the superstar is great.

Parmanu was a film that earned a lot of good criticism from fans from everywhere. Gold, a patriotic movie starring Akshay Kumar was also one of the movies in the recent past that made a mark in people’s mind. Movies like these bring the family together and we love watching the family go together for a movie and share those 3 hours together with each other.

One can clearly see the figures that represent the amount of craze and popularism of movies in India. Being inspired by this, we also have started with our own Grand Tourio contests, wherein regular contests will be held and the lucky winner will get FREE COUPLE MOVIE TICKETS. These contests are for everyone, for the members as well as anyone who wishes to participate and win movie tickets. We have got a great response from everyone in these contests as well.